Monday, February 6, 2017

Operation Dragon Forge, Fight #1


AKA, Unit 101's 1st Fight of Operation Payback

Following the debacle of Operation Pay-Off, Cuba's President decided revenge was on the menu, and established Unit 101 to be the instrument of that revenge, wherever it may take them.  Working closely with Cuban Intelligence, they'd begun the task of figuring out who was behind the bombings in Cuba, and who had conspired to ambush Cuba's delegation in Morocco.  HUMINT sources pointed to a sheikh in Morocco with ties to certain, nefarious individuals, who might shed some light on the situation.

Major Villanueva: "Load up, boys, we're heading back to Morocco."

It's 0300 on 5 July 1990.  Unit 101 has entered Morocco, and linked up with Cuban Intelligence on th ground.  They shared their source's information, pinpointing The Sheikh. Major Villanueva decided on a hard hit, going straight at the target.

Overview of map, north is up, The Sheikh's compound at bottom right (southeast).  Unit 101 will land at top left, assault the compound, capture The Sheikh, then exfil via the road at bottom left, where they will be picked up by helo.  The board is 2' x 2', buildings by Crescent Root, vehicles by Peter Pig.

I'm playing these fights using Ivan Sorensen's rules "Five Men at Kursk," modified a little to make them a bit more modern and deadly.

Opposing forces, with bad guys on the left and good guys on the right.  On the right is the entirety of Unit 101, though they will not all be participating in this fight.  Unit 101 is composed of:
Platoon Sergeant
Two five-man teams
1 Sniper team
1 Machine Gun team
*Most of the troops are 15mm Khurasan, but the shooters have two Battlefront figures, and the sniper and MG teams are Eureka.

The bad guys are: infantry from Flytrap Factory (Taliban) and HVT from Rebel Minis.

The Cuban assault force: the boss, Major Villanueva, and Team 2 (Mouse, Trinity, Link, Ratchet, and Slate).

The bad guys: ten hostiles (Flytrap Factory Taliban) and two figures for The Sheikh (rather cosmopolitan looking, yes?) at top left (Rebel Minis).  One will be on table as The Sheikh (the one with the pistol), and when (if?) we capture him, the one with hands on his head will be placed on the table.

The current situation: it's the middle of the night in the mountains of Morocco, nothing around for miles.  Then comes the 'whup-whup-whup' of helicopter blades.

The team's Blackhawk pilot spots the HLZ and prepares to land.  The bad guys have a lone sentry, who is involuntarily shaken out of his stupor.

The helo flares as the sentry runs for the compound, screaming.

The helo holds about six feet off the air and the team jumps out and begins moving southeast.

The sentry is running and screaming and firing his AK into the air (left); the rest of the bad guys are awake and out of their sleeping quarters.

Time to fight!

Major Villanueva (top left) fires on the sentry (center), knocking him down.

Next to him, the team leader, Mouse (bottom left), fires on the eastern end of the compound, knocking a man down and pinning another.

But an enemy rifleman in the south (bottom right) returns fire with his AK.

And Mouse goes down, with Trinity (left) looking on.

He (top left) returns fire.

Putting a bad guy out of the fight (bottom left), knocking another down (white bead), and suppressing The Sheikh (red bead).

A bad guy on a roof in the east (bottom right) fires on Trinity (top left).

Trinity is knocked down (white bead at bottom right) and Link is forced to fall back out of the crossroads (red bead at left).

Link (far left) self rallies himself back into the fight.  Ratchet dashes east, on the Cuban far left (top right).

Where he (top left) lines up a shot on the rooftop bad guy (bottom right) and fires.

But Ratchet (top left) misses, and the bad guy (right) returns fire.

Ratchet falls back and hops over the wall, suppressed.

Slate moves over to Ratchet and fires on the rooftop bad guy, pinning him.  Slate then rallies Ratchet.

A bad guy moves up (bottom left, from top center) to check his knocked down buddy, but he's still unconscious.

On the north side of the compound, a bad guy moves up (bottom left) and rallies the pinned bad guy (yellow bead) and checks the knocked down bad guy (white bead), but he also remains unconscious.

The guy that was pinned and just rallied moves up (center, from top right), looking to check on another knocked down Tango (bottom left).

But Slate (top left) spots him (bottom right) and opens fire.

Slate misses, and the bad guy gets to his buddy.  He rolls him over, and discovers he was merely cowering!  "Get up, Ahmed, the infidels are upon us!"  "I know Majid, that's why I was lying here, now leave me alone!!!"  But, with his friend by his side, Ahmed is now back in the fight.

Majid (bottom center) returns fire on Slate (top center), but misses.

With Ahmed and Majid at bottom left, the rooftop bad guy (far right) opens fire on Slate and Ratchet (top center).

Rounds ricochet off the wall, but Slate (top left) returns fire, knocking the bad guy down.

On the far south side of the compound (The Sheikh is the red bead at right), an enemy rifleman moves left and peeks around the corner (bottom left).

Link (top left) spots him (bottom right) and fires.

The bad guy falls back, cursing.  "@##% it that was close!"

A bad guy hops in the fountain and moves up (center left).

But the Major (top left) spots him (bottom right, with Ahmed and Majid to his left) and fires, knocking the bad guy down.

Slate (top left) reloads, then pops his head back up over the wall, and finds a juicy target (bunch of bad guys at bottom center/bottom right).  He opens fire

Majid is killed and Ahmed is knocked down again (both at bottom left).

Slate hops the wall and moves up (top left); a bad guy (bottom right) spots him and fires.

But the rounds thud into the wall harmlessly (bottom left).  Slate dashes left again (top right).

Then tosses a frag (blue bead) on the guy (now knocked down) that previously caused him to fall back over the wall.

Link (top left, with Trinity knocked down below him, the Major to his right, Slate to his right, and Ratchet at top right) opens fire into the compound, but misses.

He moves to Trinity (left), drawing react fire, but it misses.  Link checks Trinity, he's good to go, back in the fight.

The Major (bottom left, with Slate above him) spots a bad guy (top right) and opens fire.

Forcing the bad guy to fall back, suppressed.

Major Villanueva hops the wall (left) and dashes ahead (center right), perhaps a bit too aggressively, into a very exposed position...

Ratchet's grenade goes off, killing the rooftop bad guy.

A Tango near the fountain (bottom right) opens fire on the Major (top left).

But the Major stands his ground, iron jawed, and returns fire, pinning the bad guy!

Two suppressed bad guys (red beads at top left and bottom right) self rally, and both are good to go.  The bad guy at center (the one the Major pinned) checks his knocked down buddy, and he's back in the fight.

But no sooner is he back in the fight then Trinity (bottom left, with Link) opens up with his Mk 48 machine gun!

Killing the bad guy the Major pinned, and suppressing the guy that just got back up.

With Trinity (left) laying down fire, Link dashes into the intersection and grabs Mouse.

And drags him back to cover.

Back on the left, Ratchet climbs up on top of the building he just fragged (top right, with the Major at bottom center left and Slate at bottom left).  The bad guy at center hears something and turns, raising his rifle at Ratchet.

As the Major (bottom left) peeks around the corner and fires, knocking the bad guy down.

Slate hops the wall (top left) and dashes up next Major Villanueva (bottom center).

Then he (top left) tosses a grenade over the opposite wall (blue bead at bottom right).  It lands right next to a suppressed bad guy.  The enemy soldier rallies himself, then moves to pick up the grenade...

BOOM!  Another bad guy out of the fight.

At the southern end of the compound, the last bad guy still able to put up a fight is not sure what to do.  Previously he moved down to the corner and peeked around, almost caught a face full of lead.  This time he decides to climb u on the roof.

But Trinity (top left) spots him (bottom right), and he rattles off a long burst, putting him out of the fight.

Ratchet (top right), Major Villanueva (center), and Slate (bottom left) move up on The Sheikh (red bead at bottom right).

They grab The Sheikh and prepare him for transport.  Major Villanueva: "Time to go boys, hat up and let's make for the LZ!"

Link rolls Mouse over and checks him.  Nasty gash on his forehead, but he's alright.  Get him on his feet, we gotta go!

Team 2 successfully completed it mission of capturing The Sheikh, ten Tangos down, no serious casualties for the Cubans (very lucky casualty rolls).  Now the team has to get him to the extraction point.  Which, of course, is the next fight, coming soon.


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