Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unit 101

Following the debacle that was "Operation Pay-Off," where the Cuban administration attempted to buy-off certain South American and Middle Eastern elements causing violence in Cuba, President Waraldonez elected to exercise retribution.  He sought a unit specifically tasked for the mission; what better unit than Major Villanueva's A Squadron, Operational Detachment Phoenix?  The Major's special forces platoon was decimated in Morocco, but licked its wounds and was ready to get back in the fight, the desire for revenge palpable in the team-house.

From this day forward (1 July 1990), the Major's unit would be known as Unit 101.  Their mission was to identify those responsible for the violence in Cuba, and to eliminate them, wherever they may be found.

Commander: Major Villanueva (BS/V, PH x 2, WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)

Deputy: Rake (WLC, PayOff)

Team Leader: Dozer (PH, WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge) WIA, rtn 19 Aug 1990
Operator: Tank (PH, WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Operator: Cypher (WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Operator: Switch (PH, WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge) WIA, rtn 26 Aug 1990
Operator: Rung (WLC, Dragon Forge)

Team Leader: Mouse (WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Operator: Trinity (WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Operator: Link (PH x2, WLC, PayOff, Dragon ForgeWIA, rtn 1 Sep 1990
Operator: Ratchet (PH, WLC, PayOff, Dragon ForgeWIA, rtn 25 Sep 1990
Operator: Slate (PH, WLC) 

Sniper: Neo (WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Spotter: Treak (WLC, Dragon Forge)

Machine Gunner: Apoc (PH, WLC, PayOff, Dragon Forge)
Assistant Gunner: Crate (WLC, Dragon Forge)

Off the rolls:
Dooby - KIA 
(PH, WLC, PayOff)
Scooby - KIA (PH, WLC, PayOff)
Morpheus - WIA, Medically Discharged (PH, WLC, PayOff)
Niobe - WIA, Relegated to non-combat assignments (PH, WLC, PayOff)

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