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Operation Dragon Forge, Fight #3


AKA, Unit 101's 3rd Fight of Operation Payback

It's 2130 on 7 Jul 1990, and stuff is about to go down for Unit 101, who is now in northern Italy.  Following the raid that captured The Sheikh, Unit 101 extracted him and turned him over to Cuban Intel for interrogation.  The Sheikh gave up the next piece of the puzzle: he wasn't sure where he was exactly, but the man that made the bomb used against the Cubans in Operation Pay-Off was rumored to be in Italy, and a known associate of his was set to have a meeting with some Albanian mobsters in the northern (fictional) village of Formaggio.  Unit 101 got on the ground and linked up with Cuban Intel on the ground, who linked them up with a local national asset, Victoria Scallapeni.

Victoria got the Unit moved up north, briefed them up on the local situation and the meeting between the Bomb Maker's associate, Vito Squirreleone, and the Albanian gangsters.  "It's happening at 2130 this evening, in the village center," said Victoria.  Major Villanueva turned to Dozer, Team 1's leader: "Make it happen."  "Roger, Boss."

Overview, north is up, of the quaint, northern-Italian village of Formaggio.  The Albanians will have plenty of security for the meeting between their boss and Vito Squirreleone, which happens at dead center.  Team 1 is breaking into two elements, one entering from right (east) and one from left (west).  Their mission to capture Vito Squirreleone and exfiltrate him off the map.

I'm playing these fights using Ivan Sorensen's rules "Five Men at Kursk," modified a little to make them a bit more modern and deadly.

The opposing forces, with bad guys on the left and good guys on the right.

The good guys, Team 1 and Victoria Scallapeni, all figures from Rebel Minis.  Team 1 is Dozer, Tank, Cypher, Switch, and Rung, all decked out in civvies for this mission.  We're blending...

If you're wondering why Ms. Scallapeni is accompanying the team, it's because of her incredible local knowledge and tactical prowess.  Actually, it's because I've had this figure forever and haven't been able to use it.

The Albanian gangsters, ten of them, all from Eureka Minis.

Then I realized I made a mistake.  Well, two mistakes.  First, I'm using the bad guy boss from Rebel Minis (not pictured) as Vito Squirreleone.  Then I realized I needed an Albanian boss for him to meet with, so I swapped out a rifleman (left) for the Albanian boss (right).

Overview, with troops.  You see the good guys at left and right, bad guys in the middle.  All the buildings with a roof off have a roof off because there's a bad guy in there on watch.

On the left, Tank, Cypher, and Rung move up to interrupt the meeting.

While Victoria leads Dozer and Switch forward on the right, for the same purpose.

The meeting is going down: a gangster keeps lookout (top left) while his boss (bottom left) and Vito Squirreleone (bottom right) discuss... whatever it is they were discussing.

The bad guy sentries are spread out all over the damn place.  They even start to wonder who the hell these folks walking towards them are.

Fight's on!

Victoria strolls up, then pulls her pistol and begins firing wildly!  She shot Vito Squirreleone!!!  He's still alive though; "Don't worry boys, I did that on purpose, so he couldn't run away."  The Albanian Boss (just below the Vito) was also pinned.

**That was completely an accident!  I was expecting to have to chase this guy, but he got hit in the opening round of gunfire.  At some point, probably the end of the game, I'll have to roll a D6 to see if he's still with us.

Switch pulls his pistol and fires on the gunman upstairs, knocking him down.

He (top right) then pivots and fires on the bad guy at top center, pinning him.

**As these guys are Special Ops ninjas, they get plenty of shooting dice, and I am being very liberal with shooting when I roll up multiple fire effects.  I.e., he shot at the bad guy at bottom center, but rolled a 1 on the kill dice and a 1 on the shock dice, so I turned that into 'he knocked down the bad guy at far right, then turned and fired and pinned the bad guy at top center.'

Dozer then bum rushes the guy Switch just pinned (left).

Making quick work of him.

Then moving up to the next intersection (center, from far right, with Vitto Squirreleone bleeding on the pavement at bottom center and the Albanian Boss pinned next to him).

From the other end of the street, Rung (center bottom) fires, pinning the bad guy on the other side of the red pickup truck.

Then Rung dashes into the 1st floor of the building on the south side of the street (with a bad guy on the 2nd floor).

Cypher fires at the bad guy on the 3rd floor on the north side of the street.

Forcing him to fall back, suppressed.

Cypher moves into the 1st floor of the same building.  The bad guy that Rung pinned is at far right, at street level.

Tank (bottom center) blazes away, emptying an entire magazine but not hitting a damn thing.

Back at the center, a bad guy sentry (top center) spins around to see what's happening behind him, and Dozer (center) pops him, knocking him down.

Then the Albanian Boss (bottom center left) returns fire on Dozer.

But he (top left) misses, and Dozer (bottom center) returns fire, putting him out of the fight!

Dammit, I forgot to put a casualty figure down for the Albanian Boss; should be at top center, the explosion next to Vito Squirreleone (white bead).  The bad guy rifleman just above them opens fire on Tank (bottom left).

Sorry, it's dark and hard to see, but Tank dives through a window, where he lands, suppressed, next to Rung (bottom center, still got a bad guy on the 2nd floor).  Speaking of...

The bad guy on the 2nd floor comes downstairs, and Rung (bottom right, with Tank suppressed next to him) opens fire with his pistol...

Forcing the bad guy to run back upstairs and hide.

Back in the center, a bad guy moves over (center, from top left) to get a look at the street below.  But as he pops his head through the window, Victoria (bottom right, with Switch above her) spots him and fires.

Putting him out of the fight!  I guess she did mean to hit Vito!

A bad guy in the south moves up to the center to see what's shakin' (bottom center, with Dozer at top center right)...

But Switch (top right) spots him (bottom left) and fires, pinning him.

On the north side, a bad guy sneaks down from his observation post to check on his knocked down buddy (top center, from top left, with Dozer at center bottom right).

But he's gone (top right).  The suppressed bad guy on the 3rd floor, north side of the street (bottom left) tries to self rally, but only gets up to pinned.

Dozer (bottom center right) spots the bad guy that just checked on his knocked down buddy and fires, dropping him next to his buddy.

Then Dozer moves to secure Squirreleone (center left), as Victoria (bottom right) fires on the pinned bad guy at far left.

She drops another bad guy (top left), then moves up (center).  Switch joins her (bottom right), as Dozer is reaching for Squirreleone (center).

Switch (top right) fires on the guy he pinned earlier (bottom left), putting him out of the fight.

Damn, I should use pistols all the time! ;)

Back in the southwest, Rung rallies Tank, and he's back in the fight.

And then Rung goes upstairs and finishes off the bad guy cowering there.

Rung (bottom center) looks out the window, sees Tank step back into the street (center), and Cypher (top left) move to the 3rd floor and find a bad guy.  He raises his pistol and fires...

And misses!!!  The bad guy charges Cypher!

But all's well that ends well, I s'pose.  And, with that, all the bad guys are out of the fight.

The team consolidates its position in the center, on their leader, Dozer.

Victoria looks on as Dozer rolls Squirreleone over...

And HE'S DEAD!!!  Unbelievable!!!  1D6 and I get a damn 6!!!

Of course, this now brings into question, who's side is Victoria Scallepeni on?  "Hey Dozer, I know you're the team leader and all, and you're smarter about this kinda stuff and all, but she said she did that @#$% on purpose, and I saw her shoot the eyes outta them other two dudes, so what if she did that @#$% on purpose???"

"Relax, fellas," Dozer said, slipping his pistol into his shoulder holster.  "Hey new guy!  Dammit, what's the new guy's name?  Rung?  Rung, check Squirreleone's body, see if there's anything of interest."  The team fanned out and checked for exploitable documents and media; in the end, they pulled Vito's cell phone off his body and a laptop with two thumbdrives out of his black sedan.  They were immediately turned over to Cuban Intel for exploitation, and a location for the Bomb Maker was discovered.  Victoria led Team 1 to the safehouse; she bid them farewell, and they immediately got down to business, planning the raid to take out The Bomb Maker.  Coming right up.


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