Saturday, December 12, 2015

Task Force Fulgencio Roster for South Leon

This is the roster for Task Force "Fulgencio," the battalion task force deployed to South Leon to stabilize the country .

Commander of Overall Mission in South Leon:

Major Fulgencio (DSC, PH, WLC), CO, 8th Commando Battalion

G Company, 8 Commando, AKA "Task Force Redleg"
 - 1st Lieutenant Ordonez (WLC)

1st Plt - Lt Peres
2nd Plt - Lt Lupe
3rd Plt - Lt Rodriques
Wpns Plt

B Company, 5 Para, AKA "Task Force Razor"
 - Lieutenant Soares (SS/V, WLC)

1st Plt - Lt Guadalupe
2nd Plt - Lt Lopez
3rd Plt - Lt Corescon
Wpns Plt

Detachment, ODA 313, 9th SFG - Lieutenant Gouveia (SS/V, PH, WLC)

Team 1 MSgt Brasil
Team 2 MSgt Duarte
Team 3 GySgt Ducola
Team 4 SFC Franco

Detachment, Exped. Intel. Unit - Captain Miranda 

Section 10 (HUMINT and Interrogators)
Section 30 ("Information Operations" is CLEF PSYOPS and Civil Affairs)

Section 40 ("Open Source Collections" is CLEF SIGINT; in the field, Radio Reconnaissance)
Section 50 (CI)

The force also has a composite squadron of helicopters (comprising light, medium, and heavy lift), a flight of F-4 Phantoms, a company of AAVs, a platoon of tanks, a platoon of IFVs, and approximately 15 HMMWVs.

Rough outline for scenarios:-Cuba  Liberation Expeditionary Force (CLEF) Task Force arrives and begins patrolling in support of the South Leon gov't.  I'm thinking ambush, ambush, they strike an insurgent base camp.  Meanwhile, the CLEF is negotiating with South Leon to identify weapons storage sites and secure/destroy the weapons, but the South Leon gov't is being very cooperative.  The situation continues to deteriorate.-A CLEF aircraft is shot down and the Task Force runs to perform a Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP) mission.  Turns out the surface to air missile that shot down the CLEF aircraft either came from, or was shot from, the Marxist neighbor.  If I feel like adding an air component to the campaign, CLEF and Marxist neighbor jets get a little frisky.  Not sure how, but Cuba is not happy with its aircraft being shot down and retaliates against the Marxist neighbor.-A couple more patrols/ambushes/raids by CLEF against the insurgents.  Then the insurgents blow up a Cuban consular building; they also try to bomb the Cuban Embassy, but it's thwarted.  The Cubans are really not happy now.-Play out a CLEF patrol near the Marxist neighbor's border, the CLEF comes under arty fire from across the border.-Play out another CLEF patrol in the heartland of South Leon; the insurgents are now in uniform, with better weapons, and Marxist neighbor advisers.-Quite unexpectedly, the insurgents attack Pendrakenville, and the Cuban embassy is in the rebel-controlled area.  CLEF troops are dispatched to fight their way to the embassy, locate all Cuban nationals, and evacuate them to a rally point.  CLEF has to defend rally point.  Helos come to pick up civvies, one shot down, air evac ruled out.-CLEF dispatched to get to downed helo, while CLEF at rally point have to fight their way out (I now realize I don't have much in the way of 15mm civilians...).-CLEF forces thrown into street fighting in Pendrakenville; the rebels now have armor and artillery (provided by Marxist neighbor, of course).-South Leon is crumbling; CLEF finally learns the sensitive weapon locations and goes after them, having to fight South Leon gov't forces to do so.-CLEF commander makes decision: the jig is up, we need to get the hell out of dodge.  CLEF carries out march to the sea, with patrols, breaking through roadblocks, fighting through to encircled elements, etc..., against insurgents, better armed guerrillas, and South Leon gov't troops.-Maybe head back in one more time to save the South Leon president?

1. Leader of South Leon: Samuel Alardies
2. Leader of the South Leon military: Lester Husscarle
3. Name of the insurgent group in South Leon: Free Leon Army (FLA)
4. Name of the leader of the insurgent group in South Leon: Unknown, referred to as "Teknofil"
5. Name of the Marxist neighbor: Fédération Socialiste Nationale de Leon (FSNL)
6. Name of the leader in the Marxist neighbor: Lemmuel LeFou
7. Name of the leader of the Marxist neighbor's military: Zunderlan LeMan

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