Friday, February 9, 2018

South Leon SITREP 28 Jul 1990


The country of South Leon:

Task Group Habanera
Commanding General: Brigadier Eugenio Habanera, the Marine Regiment

Battlegroup Fulgencio
Commander: Major Fulgencio, 8 Commando

Task Force Redleg, G Co, 9 Commando -Lt Ordonez
Task Force Hawk, E Co, 6 Para - Lt Espinale
Task Force Hammer, A Co, 4th Lt Armored Infantry - Major Chavez
Task Force Black, ODA 313 - Lt Gouveia

Battlegroup Halabrio
Commander: Major Halabrio, 6 Para

Task Force Razor, B Co, 5 Para - Captain Soares
Task Force Bowie, F Co, 8 Commando - Lt Madre-Animral
Task Force Dusty, ODA 212 - Lt Villagrosa
Task Force 23, B Sqdn, OD Phoenix - Captain Stelosavo
                         Expeditionary Intelligence Unit - Lt Dostaves

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