Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cuban Liberation Air Force

Here is my roster for the Cuban Liberation Air Force (CLAF) during the War of Liberation, in which CLAF F-4 Phantoms will face off against regime MiG-21s.  I know it may seem kinda silly that I'm playing this out after the ground portion has concluded, but it's something I want to do, and something I need to do to set the table for future campaigns.  For example, it won't be long before the Free Cuban military is deploying to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and my intent is for them to deploy with one squadron of F-18s and one squadron of F-16s to take on Saddam's Air Force.

41st Tactical Fighter Squadron

Rank      Name        Callsign                    Rating       Kills/Sorties/Shot Down

Bruiser Flight
Lt Col Santos          Santini                     Ace                   7/4/0
*(WLC, DFC) - Former US Marine, 44 y/o

1st Lt Rojas                                             Regular             1/3/1

1st Lt Bellagio                                        Regular              0/1/0

2nd Lt Orosco                                         Rookie               0/0/0

Blackjack Flight
Major Puente              Chappie                 Ace                    5/4/0

*Hates Capt Barrientos (WLC, SS/V) -Former US Air Force, 46 y/o

1st Lt Moreno                                         Regular             0/1/1

2nd Lt Guillen                                        Rookie               0/0/0

2nd Lt Portrayu                                         Rookie               0/0/0

Boxcar Flight
Major Culero      Viper                           Veteran              4/2/0
*(WLC, BS/V)-Former US Navy, 45 y/o

Capt    Trevino                                        Regular             0/2/1

2nd Lt Aguilera                                         Rookie               0/0/0

2nd Lt Bermudez                                      Rookie               0/0/0

Bone Flight
Capt Barrientos           Masters                Regular            0/3/0
*Hotdog, hates Major Puente, LtCol Santos likes him (WLC)-Former US Air Force, 26 y/o

1st Lt Morales                                         Regular             1/5/2

1st Lt Arroyo                                          Regular             0/1/0

2nd Lt Truvia                                          Rookie               0/0/0

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