Friday, August 18, 2017

Press Release - Operation Cronistrian Freedom

Press Release from Free Cuban Government

Reuters, 20 July 1990 - President Waraldonez met with Defense Minister Estevante to discuss Free Cuban plans for the continuation of military operations in the war-ravaged nation of Cronistria.  El Presidente stated his displeasure with the slow pace of operations, having seen the deployment grow from a Special Forces team to an all-arms mechanized Task Force, having lasted four months already despite this.  El Presidente and Minister Estevante decided it was necessary to deploy another Tank Company to Cronistria, and use those reinforcements to step up the pace of operations, in order to end the war.

Major Solar, commanding officer of 1st Tank Battalion, will lead his B Company, 1st Tank Battalion, overseas to join his A Company, already deployed.  B Company will be led by 1st Lt Segovia, who is coming over from B Co, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, to fill in for 1st Lt Barrientes, who is suffering from a personal illness, preventing his deployment.

The deployment of a second tank company was seen as necessary as the capital city of Miran fell to coalition forces earlier in the month, leaving only the northern plains, excellent tank country with roughly a regiment of enemy armor, in Communist hands.  El Presidente wishes to see the enemy armor destroyed in a blitzkrieg of Cuban tanks in conjunction with Cuban close air support, bringing the enemy to his knees and ending the war in Cronistria.  Pronto.

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