Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cuba Libre - Cronistria Fight #11


It's 0715 on 3 June 1990, and Captain Kukoc has ordered GySgt Dos Santos to take a patrol from his 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, back into the village of Brevno to ascertain the enemy situation there.  Yesterday the Cronistrian Democrats of the CDM and the Communists of the CNG had fought a meeting engagement there, before both sides pulled back and shelled the village.

The opposing forces, with Democrats at top and Communists at bottom.

The Democrat force has ten men, including Gunny Dos Santos (bottom right) and an RPG gunner.  All figures are Eureka 15mm.

The Communist patrol is seven men, including their leader (bottom right) and an RPG gunner (bottom left).

The village of Brevno, north is up.  The locals spotted trouble coming from both east and west and left town.  The village consists of the Inn at top left, the Post Office at top center, Apartments at top right, the City Office at bottom right, and the Manor at bottom left.  A few trees, hedges, haystacks, market stands, and a single (inoperable) automobile dot the landscape.  Democrat artillery has struck the Apartment Building, while Communist artillery struck the Inn.

Starting positions: the Democrats are spread out along the left (west) side, while the Communists are on the right (east) side.

The boy and I roll off to see who goes first, and I win.

The Democrats push men forward, with Gunny Dos Santos getting into the Inn (center-left) and men moving towards the Manor (right).

The Democrat pointman (bottom left) spots a Commie rifleman moving up Main Street and cuts loose with his rifle on full auto...

Forcing the enemy soldier to fall back (red bead at bottom left, from explosion at center) next to his leader.

On the Democrat right, a rifleman moves up into the Manor (center-bottom), but draws reaction fire from the enemy (top right).

The react fire is ineffective, and the Democrat rifleman returns fire...

Dropping a Commie.

The Democrats try pushing forward in the north (top left), but again the enemy react fires...

Forcing a rifleman to fall back and hunker (red bead, barely visible, at top left, from explosion at top right).

On Main Street, the Commies manage to rally and push into the Apartment Building.

Where they spread out and push west (top).  They now have three men in the Apartment building, though they are in different sections and two are on the 2nd floor.

Gunny Dos Santos (bottom left) and his men continue to push east on Main Street via the Inn (left) and the Manor (right).

But the rifleman on the far left flank fails morale and runs off the map...

A Democrat rifleman (bottom right) lays down covering fire on the Apartment Building, pinning one enemy soldier, while Gunny Dos Santos pushes into the 1st floor of the Post office (left, just above the car).

One of the Democrat troops on the left sprints into the Post Office with the Gunny (center right).

The Communists push forward in the Apartment Building (center) with men on the 1st and 2nd floors opposite Gunny Dos Santos and a rifleman in the Post Office (center left).

Then the Commie leader (far right) sets about trying to rally two riflemen: one is good, but the other runs off the map!

Then the Commies move on the City Office (bottom/right).  But Gunny Dos Santos (far left) fires on the enemy leader and pins him in the open (yellow bead at right).

The Democrats push men into the Inn (bottom center/left).

While the rifleman in the Manor (bottom center) continues to pour fire into the Apartment Building.

One enemy soldier is put out of the fight, and another is pinned (top right), but the third returns fire on the Manor (bottom left)...

And the fire is vicious enough to force the Democrat to fall back (red bead at bottom left, from top right).

Gunny Dos Santos (bottom center-left) opens fire on the pinned Commie on the 1st floor of the apartment building, but has no further effect on the man.

But the Gunny charges anyway!

But Gunny Dos Santos is fought off, and falls back into the Post Office, where one of his men fires on the now exposed enemy soldier...

The enemy soldier goes down, and the Democrat rifleman charges into the 1st floor of the Apartment Building.  Outnumbered ten to seven to begin with, and now having lost three men to fire and one to cowardice, the Communist leader decides to pull his men back, call in artillery, and then have another go tomorrow.

Too easy ;)  Just kidding, another fun fight.  I was pretty confident with my numbers advantage and then going first, with my only real moment of nervousness being when the Gunny rushed in and was pushed back.  But even then I got lucky with another rifleman popping the bad guy; better lucky than good!

Two more fights to get written up.


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