Sunday, March 6, 2016

Task Force Trojas Re-Org for Cronistria

Here is the updated roster for Detachment Task Force Rojas, AKA ODA 626/10th Special Forces Group, deploying to Cronistria in May 1990.  Following the debacle of 18 April 1990, with two CLEF Special Forces operators captured (then subsequently rescued, with disaster ever so narrowly averted), Lt Trojas contacted CLEF HQ to request reinforcements.  It shocked and surprised him when Generalissimo Estevante, the Cuban Minister of Defense, got on the radio to address Trojas.

"Lieutenant, it occurs to me you don't quite understand the situation.  We are Cuba; we are absolutely committed to upholding democracy and aiding the oppressed of the world, but we are not the United States.  We do not have endless supplies of men, of weapons, of munitions, of money.  You and your men were dispatched to Cronistria to aid that country's struggling democratic faction, and the war will succeed or fail with what our government has previously allotted, and not one man, not one rifle, not one Peso more.  Furthermore, while I admire a certain amount of risk-taking, you will make decisions based upon accomplishing the mission AND preserving your force, and we WILL NOT have another episode such as this, no more CLEF soldiers falling into the hands of the enemy.  Am I understood?"

"Si Heffe."

"I believe it is time for the war to take a turn; we are nearly ready for the next phase to begin.  So here is what I expect: 1) you conduct a standown until all men under your command are back to full duty.  2) Whilst I allow you a certain amount of latitude to harass the enemy forces in your area of operations, your focus is now preparing the CDM for battle, not direct action against the CPA, CNG, FRY, or Serbs.  Your men will augment the 626 B Team in accomplishing this mission.  3) Not later than 1 June 1990 I expect offensive action by the CDM against our enemies in Cronistria.  THEY are to take over the fight, our soldiers will serve in leadership and advisory roles.  Lastly, you will communicate and coordinate this strategy with your counterparts in the CDM."

One bit of good news is that General Estevante was able to secure uniforms, weapons, and gear to fit out the new CDM troops from some unnamed Western benefactors.  So if Lt Trojas and his men can accomplish their training mission, the CDM will look AND act like soldiers.

Commander, Lt Trojas, who is decorated with the Cruz Servicio Distinguido and the War of Liberation Campaign Medal.

Cronistrian Democratic Militia

A Company - Capt Sasha Kukoc, CDM (nephew of Pres Andraz Gregor), Medall de Honor (C10)

A Co Sergeant - Sgt "Goss" Gallegos (DMR tan)
1st Plt - GySgt "Turk" Dos Santos (Firing 416)
2nd Plt - SSgt "Blade" EscalanteCruz Servicio Distinguido (C2), PH (C9), Estrella de Bronce and PH (C10) (Sighting In) - Out of action until 13 June 1990

3rd Plt - Sgt "Goss" Gallegos (DMR tan)

B Company - Lt "Mikey" Trojas (Capt Price fig)
B Co Sergeant - Sgt "Skate" Corrello, PH (C4) (Firing Up)
4th Plt - SFC "Rooey" Contreras (Cross body carry)
5th Plt - Sgt "Panda" Catalan, BS/V (C1), PH (C7) (Moving M-4)

6th Plt - Sgt "Bolt" Echevarria (DMR green)

C Company - MSgt "Tico" Benitez, PH (C7) (Tactical Moving)
C Co Sergeant - Sgt "Badger" Canales, PH (C4) (Skullcap)
7th Plt - SSgt "Chick" Alfaro (Ballcap fig)
8th Plt - SSgt "Bear" Duarte, PH (C6) (Kneeling Bush)
9th Plt - Sgt "Redrum" Bello, Estrella de Bronce (C9) (Ready Carry)

Battalion Supernumerary -  Sgt "Rolly" Balzan (G36 fig)

Sgt "Willow" Caballo (Team 6-3, C1), KIA, Corazon Purpura (PH), Cronistria Camp. Medal (CCM)
Sgt "Shady" Fonseca (Team 6-4, C2), WIA, Evacuated to Cuba, PH, CCM
Sgt "Hammer" Escalona (Team 6-2, C3), KIA, PH, CCM
Sgt "Slate" Delacruz (Team 6-1, C5), KIA, PH, CCM
Sgt "Blue" Beltran (Team 6-2, C7) WIA, Evacuated to Cuba, PH, CCM
SSgt "Rock" Bettancourt, PH (C9), BS/V (C12), PH (C13) (SAW) - Evacuated to Cuba, CCM

Estrella de Plata                     
Cruz Servicio Distinguido
Medall de Honor
Corazon Purpura


  1. So is this a continuing side-project, or are you getting back to it, or are you doing this an Operation Jupiter, or this and something else AND something else?

    A wargamer's dilemma :-)

    1. Shaun,

      The short answer is: I don't know. I want to keep Cronistria moving forward, AND do Operation Jupiter.

      But time is becoming a problem. We didn't get any games in last weekend. Matter of fact, the only gaming thing I did was paint up one Star Wars test mini. It turned out pretty good, which means a stack of more stuff to do (paint)!!!